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    Question not playing

    i m not able to mount my windows ntfs file system.
    i downloaded all kernel modules and tried with all these modules but still problem is there.

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    Did you get the one called kmod-ntfs from livna.repo? Or there is also the linux ntfs project (you'll need to google it, I don't have a link).
    The easiest way is from livna. yum install knod-ntfs but you'll need livna repo installed. (And I think you'll need a kernel newer than the one that comes with FC5). Read this yum section. Read through firefox and thunderbird and into ATI and Nvidia ro the livna repo section. I recommend reading the whole thing.
    It's a good step by step guide for all your extra needs.

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    Also when your mounting you need to specify certain options here's an example.
    mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows
    -t allows you to choose the partition type. As u-noneinc-s said get kmod-ntfs install it and it should work fine you can only read ntfs with it however.
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