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    Rescue mode-how to get root

    Anyone know how to get "root" out of rescue mode. My screen goes black when I load linux and I need to attempt troubleshooting but don't know how to get to "root" from rescue mode. su - gives me an "invalid password" error.

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    once you do chroot /mnt/sysimage,
    I believe you are the root already when you are in rescue mode.

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    In rescue mode, you can't be anything but root, so be careful with all that power you wield!
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    I am entering rescue mode from my installation CD. It gives me the prompt "SH-3.1#" and I can't access all of my system files. I am tring to get to the Xorg.conf file. My understanding was that it was located @ /etc/X11/xorg.conf am I correct in this?

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    You have to do the command
    chroot /mnt/sysimage
    to get everything in the usual place.

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    I will give that a try. It is on this machine so I will let you know what happens later. Thanks

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