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    zikon Guest

    Adjusting the Brightness/Gamma in Startx

    Hi everyone, i'm kinda new to FC, or really linux for that matter, and i was just wondering how to increase the gamma in the GUI to make things brighter? thank you for your help.


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    zikon Guest
    wow, it must be a very hard question that no one can answer, or a very easy one, so people aren't answering....

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    I think adding a line

    Gamma 1.5

    (or whatever number you want) in the Monitor section of xorg.conf should do it (at least that worked with XFree and xorg tries to be compatible)

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    zikon Guest
    Awesome dude, it worked, i added Gamma 2.0 and it made it very nice, because the brightness on my moniter is very low, and i couldnt turn it up anymore on the monitor. Thanks alot man!

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