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    steam/CS:S not working in wine any more, help diagnosing problem

    I am running a fully updated copy of core 5. I had counter strike source working quite well, but then last night it just stoped working. I have been trying to think what has changed, and can't think of anything. The best thing I can come up with is yum auto updated wine to a new version. I am using nvidia, and have a kernel built for the Nvidia. This kernel was updated, but when I boot to the old kernel it still does not work. So I don't see how it could be the kernel. The problem can occur randomly in steam (like when you click 'my games' tab). Sometimes you can launch CS. But as soon as you connect to a server (about the time it should be going from 2D to 3D) it crashes. Each time it is the same error. Here is the output to the console:

    Win32 MiniDump Helper version (c) Copyright 2000-2003 Valve Corporation All rights reserved.

    Expected argument 'ProcessId'.

    Usage: WriteMiniDump [@argfile] [/?|h|help] [/v|version] [/Type <value>] <ProcessId> <DumpFile>

    @argfile Read arguments from a file.
    /? Show usage.
    /v Show version.
    /Type <value> Select dump type values are:
    ProcessId Select process id for which to generate a dump
    DumpFile Select path of output dump file

    wine: Call from 0x265f80 to unimplemented function dbghelp.dll.SymGetSymFromAddr64, aborting
    Shutting down. . .

    Like I said it was working, and then the next day nothing. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks ahead of time.

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    You can try to get the latest wine cvs, and compile it yourself.
    Also, when applying updates to the cvs, be sure to make a "make clean" before re-compileing.

    That message comes from Steam itself, you could try to re-install steam and CS. But be sure to delete $HOME/.wine directory(wipes all wine configuration, including registry), then run wineprefixcreate to re-create it.
    But of course, take the above with a grain of salt...

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