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    wjstarck Guest

    Cool kill doesn't....kill

    Just what it says.

    kill is getting fussy and won't kill processes all the time - the only solution is to reboot.

    anyone else had similar behavior....?

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    Which level of kill are you having problems with? Look at man kill for sure but I think kill -9 pid will stop anything in its tracks.


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    Mariano Suárez- Guest
    kill sends by default the TERM signal. If a process is handling that signal, it may well decide not to finish (or it may be so stuck that it cannot finish of its own volition...)

    If you absolutely want to kill a process, with no regard to the process's intentions, you use the KILL signal, saying

    kill -9 <pid-of-the-process>

    of, slightly more verbosely,

    kill -s KILL <pid-of-the-process>

    Note that this will kill the process without giving it a chance to do any cleanup or anything, as the KILL signal is not catchable.

    This is explained in the man page for kill, of course---you may want to RTFM. ;-)


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    Mariano Suárez- Guest
    Btw, note that there are some processes which you cannot kill at all, like init.

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