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View Poll Results: Which set of new icon theme for Fedora do you like?

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  • Set One (2D)

    49 47.12%
  • Set Two (isometric)

    55 52.88%
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    Post New icons theme for Fedora Core

    Fedora Artwork recently published a new icons theme for Fedora. Still in early stages, these icons came in two versions: 2D(set one) and isometric(set two). Below are attached images representing a set. After choosing your favorite set, explain a reason of choice and talk about points to be improved for the set.

    Here is the gif version superposing both set so people can see differences

    This kind of poll will be very valuable for Fedora artists as some of them read this forum.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vp01.png 
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Name:	vp02.png 
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ID:	8413  
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    set two looks a bit better but there are almost the same

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    Tashiro Guest
    Moved to News.

    Please give constructive feedback.


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    Set two seems to have a little more perspective or something, but honestly I don't notice the difference enough to really make a definitive choice.
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    Set two seems a bit more professional to me. Set two is the one I like the most.
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    jconnor Guest
    I like set one a little better. I prefer a little less perspective. Honestly though, I'd prefer even less than set one offers.

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    Skinney Guest
    i prefered set one... as with jconnor i prefer a little less perspective...

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    Cody Guest
    I like the look of both sets, but Set One is better. one thing I hate about them all is that they are turned "away" from the user. If you'll notice, in FC5, the icons are facing rightwards, which feels generally more turned "towards" the user.


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    I'm not going to vote, since to me the sets look identical. Either one is fine. Can someone point out any differences to these poor old tired eyes???
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    Cody Guest
    Set one's Circles and lines of text are more "squished" because of the angle. Check the difference in the writing on the sign in the upper right icon in each set.


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    I like it, hopefully they'll turn out great.

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    Set 2 seems to have slightly better definition to my eyes but I had to look a few times to see the difference. To be honest though I didn't really like either set as I don't see why perspective icons are necessary at all but then I'm a bit of a minimalist and have very little eye candy on my desktop (just the default icons+ another couple in the panel). To me it's just like spinning gifs on a web site - a waste of resources.
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    both are really great. i think a little less of perspective would be nice.

    great work.
    -- Pedro Matiello

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    Like most others, I agree on the fact that they're almost identical and that it wouldn't really matter to me. Although, I like set 2 better because the icons look more realistic and their depth looks better, but one note is that certain icons look not-so-good in the second (I'm wierd this way, but I get really annoyed by small things...) like the Package and CD / DVD icons:
    • The package one looks too tall - you can't see the top of the box as you can in the first, which makes it more box-ish and realistic.
    • The CD / DVD icons are too fat I find - They buldge out too much and again it doesn't make it look as realistic as the first set does.

    There are two things I don't like about the new theme though. The first is as the graphic artists mention on the page, the folder icons. I'm not sure what it is exactly - I think it's that the colors are too similar, so it's hard(er) to make out it's borders, and also I find it's a little to curved around the edges.
    My second is the sound/video icon - would it be possible to perhaps have a music note or a speaker added in?

    But, enough critisism... All in all, GREAT theme! Keep it up. It's looking very KDE-ish - that sleek, shiny
    and 3D look My only question - Will it be included in FC6

    NOTE: It wasn't included in the .gif, but the draft of the computer tower is really excellent!

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    I think I prefer set one, but I can hardly tell the difference. I thought I was taking crazy pills for a second looking at them. One look...


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