flash crashes firefox *always*
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    MadPhoenix Guest

    flash crashes firefox *always*

    I've tried posting in other threads before, but nobody seems to be having the same problem. I'm on FC5 with Firefox and Flash 7.0.63-1 from the macromedia repo. I installed it through yum per the direction on the Stanton-Finley installation notes, but any page with flash animation crashes firefox. Poof, no error message. Tried running it from terminal, it didn't give a message there either. And there's not a debug package in the repos, so I can't get a stack trace.
    Is anybody else experiencing this problem? I've tried uninstalling all my extensions. If I were to uninstall firefox completely through yum, would I have to trash my profile as well to keep it from transfering to a new install?

    Thanks ~

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    sirvanderwaal Guest

    Me too . . .

    I've had the same problem. Any suggestions?

    It only happened after the Core 5 install.

    If you want to save you're profile, just copy it from the /.mozilla folder in your home directory.

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    imdeemvp Guest
    I never install from repo....see if you can remove and then go to www.espn.com and below that address bar allow pop for the site, refresh then you will be prompted to install missing plugin, click on it and follow the installation procedure for flashplayer. Also selinux can cuase system erros...try to disable it if dont use it.

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    JorisDesmet Guest
    I have exactly the same problem... Glad to hear that other people are having it too.
    Installing from repo or using the 'install missing plugin' option from firefox doesn't make any difference.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have covered this before in the forums. My guess is you have Composite turned on in your xorg.conf. The workaround for now is to add the following lines to /usr/bin/firefox script.


    I usually add it under the PANGO lines.

    Hope that helps

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    JorisDesmet Guest
    It didn't at first, but after a reboot, it now seems to work. Keep my thumbs crossed that it keeps on working... Thanks a lot!

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    JorisDesmet Guest
    Great, after a full day of testing, it's still working.

    Thanks a lot, you have made my life a lot more agreeable!

    I don't understand what I did, but browsing sure is a lot more fun now!

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