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    Add winamp presets to XMMS.

    This started a while back with a thread about presets for xmms. Some users have the correct info but we did have all the correct paths. Now we do and here it is for all fedora users who want to use winamp presets in xmms. See screenshots provided.

    1. Download attached file eq.preset.tex

    2. Rename eq.preset.tex to eq.preset

    3. Open your home directory and go to GO >location (the location address bar will show in natilius)
    We need to copy the file in two locations. First it will be in your home directory so

    4. Type this:~/.xmms/ and copy the eq.preset file there.

    5. Now copy the file the /usr/lib/xmms directory and this is how:
    cp eq.preset /usr/lib/xmms/
    6. Go to Sound and Video >xmms and now right click on xmms and check the Graphical EQ so will
    display in below xmms.

    7. Click on PRESET. Go to and click on configure equilizer.

    8. You will see an option box and under File preset extension rename preset to eq.preset

    9. Click on APPLY and OK. Box will close. Close xmms and log out than log in.

    10. Open xmms, click on PRESETs go to >Load >Preset and they there are for you to enjoy!

    These are the presets:
    Preset0=(WinAmp) Classical
    Preset1=(WinAmp) Club
    Preset2=(WinAmp) Dance
    Preset3=(WinAmp) Full Bass
    Preset4=(WinAmp) Full Bass & Treble
    Preset5=(WinAmp) Full Treble
    Preset6=(WinAmp) Laptop Speakers / Headphones
    Preset7=(WinAmp) Large Hall
    Preset8=(WinAmp) Live
    Preset9=(WinAmp) Party
    Preset10=(WinAmp) Pop
    Preset11=(WinAmp) Reggae
    Preset12=(WinAmp) Rock
    Preset13=(WinAmp) Ska
    Preset14=(WinAmp) Soft
    Preset15=(WinAmp) Soft rock
    Preset16=(WinAmp) Techno
    This is the thread that started it all.
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    imdeemvp Guest
    This also works with bmp player for streamtuner and as a player alone. Just follow the same procedures. See screenshot.
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    Thanks for this it helped me a lot.
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