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    ace_wolk Guest

    network (device) not functioning under Xen0

    When i boot my fc5Xen0 (hypervisor) kernel i lose my ethernet network device ("no link present check cable" error during boot) and instead have a ipw2200 device instead of the usual broadcom 440 (an ironic problem because i cant get ipw2200 to work in my standard kernel).

    Is there anyway to copy device files / drivers over so i can have my boradcomm 440 (eth0 in standard fc5 kernel) wired ethernet functioning under fc5Xen0 hypervisor (preferablly as eth1).

    I've tried adding the new device manually with the gui network utility (under administration in kde menu) however the driver lists do not contain my broadcom 440x driver.

    Basiclly how do i get my perfectly functioning (under standard fc5 kernel) eth0 (broadcomm 440) to function in my hypervisor kernel.

    i appreciate any feedback on the matter,

    thank you in advance,


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    mwalker638 Guest
    I am seeing this exact problem.

    I've installed FedoraCore5 on a Dell Inspiron 8500.

    The standard kernel probes eth0 just fine (broadcom bcm4401) - however if I boot the
    xen0 kernel no ether net device is found.

    If I snoop in the /lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/net/* I see that the b44.ko is listed in
    the standard kernels (2.6.16-1.211_FC5) - but not in the xen0 equivilant tree.

    Has any resultion/insight been found into this problem?


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    mwalker638 Guest
    To follow up on my earlier post.

    I have found a 'work-around' for this issue.

    If I download the xen-3.0.2-2 source release and build the kernel
    myself. That image of xen (and it's supporting modules) includes the
    driver for the bcm4401 (b44.ko).

    I'm not sure why the fedora built one doesn't - but if you need it, you can
    build your own xen kernel and go from there.


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