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    Yoeri Guest

    ATI Heating

    I just noticed that my ATI Radeon Mobility is causing a FAN to cool almost constantly. I just switched to the generic VESA driver and everything is much better ...

    I read something about ATI PowerSave. Can I install these drivers on FC 5? How can I keep my ATI card cool ?

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    I own an Asus A4K portable with an AMD Athlon Mobile 64 3200+ CPU. I am currently running FC5 and I noticed some very strange behaviour.
    The CPU Fan is almost always on (while CPU sensor indicates 35°Celsius). When changing my screen resolution, the FAN suddenly stops for a while. I can always stop the FAN by changing the display resolution.


    How can I control the FAN-settings ?
    In Windows it only activates when the CPU reaches 47-48°C.
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