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    Cant put songs on my ipod!

    Please, help me get songs on my ipod. Im using FC4, and i have some songs on there, but i cant put new ones. I have a shuffle, and a 5th Gen Ipod video.

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    n0mad Guest
    It's quite easy: You should download a few rpms: gtkpod, libgpod (requirement) and probably faad2 (requirement for libgpod), install it, create a mount point for your ipod.

    4 e.g.: in /etc/fstab
    /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash vfat noexec,noauto,iocharset=koi8-r 0 0
    Then configure your gtkpod: in preferences you should check mounting poing (by default is /mnt/ipod - it's ok, but it should be the same as in fstab). I don't use "handle mounting\unmounting" option.

    If there are no system folders on your ipod, create 'em by clicking file->create smth (i don't remember, like system folders),
    then "read", operate, "sync", umount, enjoy =)

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    but, when itry to install gtkpod it messes up. are there any fc4 guides for it?

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    n0mad Guest
    Actually, I can't imagine any guides about that.

    rpm -ivh gtkpod-0.99.2-1.2.fc4.i386.rpm libgpod-0.3.0-1.2.fc4.i386.rpm faad2-2.0-4.2.fc4.i386.rpm

    I installed fc5, but these packages are ok to install, despite fc4 substring.
    Then you should mount your ipod to any folder and define this folder in gtkpod preferences.

    If you still have any problems copy your screen - i mean failure text - probably you have some missing requirements,

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