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    Yumex or Pup

    I'm new and I keep reading a lot of great things about yumex, and yet in my first week I've used pup and everything seems to be updating fine.

    Is there an advantage to using one or the other? As far as I can tell pup seems to be fine and there were no issues I could find on this board.

    Your feedback would be appreciated.

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    Hmmm...pup is new to FC5 so I haven't had time to play with it properly yet. First impressions though are that yumex is faster, and as I've used it in FC4 I've stuck to what I'm familiar with. Try both!

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    Well pup seems to be working fine, I wish I had found the SF Fedora Core 5 Installation Notes before I got this far. I might have tried to set up specific repositories and what not.

    Thanks for the response!

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    Pup just updates, Yumex installs/removes/updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a thing
    Pup just updates, Yumex installs/removes/updates.
    Yumex also gives you pretty extensive control over your installs/removes/updates, your repos, yum and its behaviour and plugins.

    Pup = "yum update" running in a GUI.
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