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    Welcome to FedoraForum.org

    I would like to welcome everyone to the new FedoraForum.org, a place to discuss fedora project and user help. You will need to sign up to post and start a new topic.

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    The forum permissions have now been fixed so that users, must register prior to posting a new thread or replying to a current one.

    It's worth your while to register to use the forum, as it will allow you an aspect of continuity when coming back to the forum. It only takes 30 seconds as well.

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    Zyqwux Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ewdi
    I would like to welcome everyone to the new FedoraForum.org, a place to discuss fedora project and user help. You will need to sign up to post and start a new topic.
    Thank you very much!

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    EngineerJoe Guest
    Welcome to all those that register. For those that are reading this post just before or after registering, I would like to mention that you may be asked to use the search button to find what you are looking for. Please do not feel insulted if you are asked to do so. I have found numerous solutions to my linux problems (bluetooth file transfer, bluetooth mouse, wireless net, gdesklets, keyboard shortcuts, desktop custom configuration.... just to name a few) as well as step-by-step guides on setting up linux right after the install (thank you Stanton Finley). If somebody's post solves your problem, please say so. Others using the search will want to know what worked and what didn't.

    With that said, welcome to the forums.

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    marta Guest

    fedora core magazine

    Hi all,
    there's a new magazine on the shelves - fedora core, in December you'll find it in the USA and Australia.
    If you want to take part in fascinating process of creating magazine - join fedora team and become our author! I'm waiting impatiently for your ideas!

    contact: marta.ogonek@software.com.pl

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    Marta, as I've mentioned in an e-mail to you, if this is to be a for-profit enterprise, please apply to Ewdi prior to advertising on the Forum. Since your initial post is requesting articles and authors and not subscriptions, I'll keep it active.
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    Also a bit of nostalgia. Could it be the first post ever in FedoraForum?

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    Fedora's been around since 2000? And I only played with it in December of 05. Man have I missed a lot.
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    That probably is the very first post...I joined back in early 2004 ...from FC1 thru FC5 never a dull moment
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