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At the risk of

getting banned ... But I just have to vent. Back in the "teen" versions when I'd do a fresh install: Do you want Desktop or Server? Do you want Gnome, KDE, a, b, c...? Do you want DHCP or fixed?

NOW - you 'will' install Gnome, you will install X & Y & Z - because that's what 'WE' like and 'WE' know better. Ya, sure there's a spin of KDE out there, it'll only take you an hour of searching to find it. Once downloaded and dd'ed to a stick I can have to new machine up and running in 10 minutes - well "up". Another hour of tweek this, set fixed IP, configure this and that.

Could I just ... ya, but I don't like being told what I like by someone who has no idea what I do, how I work, what I need.

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