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Re: Linux is growing

Yes, the desktop and laptop computers will no longer be ubiquitous - that does not mean that they will go away entirely, but just that they won't be used by most consumers or office workers.

I can see these machines migrating to the higher end of the performance spectrum where a lot of CPU is required - such as video editing, software development, CAD. The result will be that these will be expensive machines made in much smaller numbers (which also makes them more expensive).

I don't see this adversely affecting desktop Linux. I suspect many Linux desktop users are the very people that are already using these higher end machines for CPU intensive stuff.

I can imagine the total number of desktop and laptop machines tending toward somewhere between 5% and 10% of the current numbers. Linux may well have a majority market share. It will be a gradual transition as machines are retired and not replaced (except by phones).
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