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Well, I would have pressed the button "in the middle" of the poll choices. You know, that "somewhere between conservative and adventurous" button.

I like that Fedora keeps up somewhat fairly well with current releases of software, but I am definitely not one of those "gotta have the latest version, of whatever, just because, well, it's the latest version" people.

I like updating to software that works. If that means a package spending a little more time in updates-testing before being pushed into updates, that's just fine with me. To err is human, but it's got to be more than a little embarrassing to a package maintainer to push a package into updates that won't even launch (a recent update of Sunbird comes to mind). Bet it never saw one second in updates-testing and the package builder never bothered to install and run it on his/her own system first. Arhg!

Especially since I have slow dial-up, I get all "grrrrrrrry" when I update a package or packages only to have to update the same package(s) within a day or two 'cuz someone goofed. Fingers are pointing more at the RPM Fusion package maintainers here than at Fedora on this gripe. There's been a rash of this coming from RPM Fusion repos lately.

So, if I had to pick between the two poll choices, I guess it'd be "conservative".
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