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Re: F17 Reaches EOL

Originally Posted by Reisswolf View Post
Both excellent distributions, and would have been my primary choices but for the fact that their repositories don't always have the latest versions of the packages. And I am someone who prefers to install packages (almost) exclusively through the package manager and keep manual installations down to a minimum. (Opera is the only exception I can point to.)

CentOS and Red Hat are still using 2.x kernels. It says clearly on Red Hat's page that kernel upgrades should only be done through yum. But the repositories don't have the latest kernels. (I would have thought that Debian's use of kernel 3.2 would be suuficient to establish the stability and viability of the newer kernels.)

Another problem is that the repositories don't have version 4 of OCaml, my primary language on Linux (along with C). There have been a few upgrades to the language from version 3.12; these are not present in the repositories.

Otherwise, I would have almost certainly used CentOS.

But until then, Fedora and Ubuntu will have to suffice.
Not just that... the latest kernels have changes that make the older versions of KVM/VMware/Xen user space tools fail.
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