Thread: [SOLVED] iptables - update problems
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Re: iptables - update problems

Originally Posted by curano View Post
Problem solved !
I had to erase system-config-firewall (F21) and the update worked fine.
Yes. A leftover fc21 package was causing the glitch.
$ sudo dnf erase iptables-services-1.6.0-2.fc25.x86_64
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                Arch              Version                   Repository                Size
 iptables-services                      x86_64            1.6.0-2.fc25              @@commandline             24 k
 system-config-firewall-base            noarch            1.2.29-12.fc21            @System                  2.3 M
After that, the two remaining iptables packages updated without problem. Just uninstalling the old system-config-firewall-base package alone should resolve the problem.
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