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Originally Posted by bulava

I fail to understand why FC9's GRUB refuses to boot, it never happened to me earlier.
Originally Posted by bulava

Error 2: Bad file or directory type.
Originally Posted by bulava

FC9 boot loader i choose to install in that particular disk chunk (dev/sda9), not in the MBR (because to save my existing boot loader).
Originally Posted by bulava

In the MBR, opensuse boot loader resides (have added here the entries of all the OSes).
That right there is probably why.

Hello bulava,

Fedora 9 was the first Fedora version to create file systems with 256-byte inodes in preparation for the coming transition to the ext4 file system. Last summer, this issue surfaced when people discovered that they sometimes could not boot Fedora 9 with the GRUB of earlier versions of Fedora or other distros. It all had to do with the grub package which was eventually patched for this inode issue with grub-0.97-21. So if the version of the grub package in the system that you are using to boot Fedora 9 is earlier than grub-0.97-21, then you need to update its grub package. But even after you update its grub package, you also have to re-install its GRUB boot loader for it to make any difference with this inode issue booting Fedora 9.

An alternative is to use the chainloader command to boot Fedora 9 from the old version of GRUB. I found that the 256-byte inode issue does not affect the chainloader command because it does not involve finding a file in the file system. It merely loads and executes the boot sector code.

You can read more about this incident last summer in another thread here.

P.S.: Someday this will stop coming up as the last traces of grub packages older than v0.97-21 gradually disappear. For now though, it is still happening every now and then..

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