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Search All Linux Forums on the Internet

Hey guys,

Since everyone here is interested in Linux and forums here is a wicked site made specifically for you. No, this isn't some big-time, big brother program designed to track and monitor your activity on the internet. This is a genuine site created for regular internet users and made by regular internet users: open source, transparent, and totally cool. It is sure to be of great assistance to you.

The site has a new feature which gives users interested in Linux the ability to search related forums on the internet, easily.

It works just like a regular search engine. Enter a term in the search box, and you are taken to a results pages which will list forums with content that matches the term you entered. The results come from all the forums and communities on the internet focused on the Linux platform including, wicked awesome linux site.

Tip: Use quotes when you enter your search term, it may look like you get no results, but wait a second and you'll see quotes get you exact phrase matches. I think it's double quotes but I could be wrong. Try both.

Whatever you want to know about Linux you can be sure that somebody has started a thread on one of the many forums. Just enter a search term, get the results, and go straight to the topic.

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