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Re: Convince me to switch back to GNOME

Isatenstein: I will try your script thank you for sharing that

gordon64: I love using my tower more than my laptop, I always use the power for gaming, code compiling, VMs, multimedia. Laptop is just a very nice on the go, basic VMs and my school work, and using it to manage my servers quick and on the fly. I just found in the past that I loved how GNOME handled on laptops, which is what I miss. As for redshift, never tried it on GNOME, but I'd be curious to see if the integrated Redshift that will be in GNOME 3.24 will be Wayland compatible. Lastly, I'm kind of surprised you found KDE to be more bloated on your machine. I'd say I use the same amount of memory on my desktop with KDE vs GNOME, but my laptop is using much less memory (sits at around 600mb)

PhyChm - I have been using Redshift on KDE for many months now actually without an issue
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