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Re: Convince me to switch back to GNOME

I could not convince you to switch back to Gnome personally. Tweak Tools on Gnome stopped working for me on the newer Kernels, Redshift stopped as well, a feature I dearly loved and I will seriously miss or at least until it ends up on KDE.

I outlined in a short review of Fedora Scientific - (Fedora KDE Scientific As seen by a Physical Chemist) what I personally think of KDE.

To sum it up, I find bending KDE to my needs easier, which can be somewhat daunting to some, KMail for example is far more tunable than other platforms I've used, which caused issues at first. But in the end, I think KDE is more pleasing graphically, and I like the level of tweaking/customization I can do.

But outright without touching anything I have found less broken items with KDE than with Gnome on Fedora 25. I don't know why.
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