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Originally Posted by drama
p.s. sorry about the slight ranting
That's not ranting, for someone who says they're a newbie you don't sound like it, I think you'll be just fine.

As for the box that works, make sure you turn off everything and anything you don't need. I also recommend getting rid of Beagle but if you like having desktop search then keep it, but it does affect performance on some machines. See this thread for how to shutdown unneeded services and a pretty good listing of what they all are:

Just go to Administration>Services then skip down to the list in that thread and start shutting things you don't need down, remember to hit Edit>All Runlevels and save before exiting.

But I think the consensus is that FC is a little slower than some others.

As for the box that doesn't want to play ball, I would suggest trying out other distros on it just because FC doesn't like it doesn't mean that another distro won't love it. I would at least try that before buying new hardware, unless you really want new hardware and it's just a good excuse.
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