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Originally Posted by ilja
I know it might sound a bit crazy, but this statement is economically not correct. Time is money and you'll need quite a contingent of it, to run Photoshop in Wine...

On topic:
Is a very powerfull and nice flash gallery. It costs 5$. I heard from a lot of people, that it is very good...


Step 1:
yum -y install wine

Step 2:
Run the Photoshop installer

How is that harder than installing it on Windows? Am I missing something?

I'm not trying to bend somebody's arm to keep Photoshop, I just don't see the need of paying $600 for a Photoshop license, and then sticking it on a shelf because you switched to Linux. It will take time to set up any software, whether it's a LAMP server, PS on Wine, or some of the other open source gallery software, even if it's as simple as typing "yum". I'm just trying to say that there is no need to lose anything just because you made an OS switch. That's the beauty of Linux.
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