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Originally Posted by TylerDurdened
THAT"S EXACTLY what I want to do as a matter of fact, so that I am also able to use livna stuff. I just want to take out that junk fedora puts into their kernels so it's compatible with almost any computer... without that I refuse using Linux, it takes away my "freedom". How could I go about doing that? The other sticky is very outdated and I get a bunch of errors on every step and I have to look around for 20 min to find an answer, so I don't think I want to follow that.
I'd love it if you can tell me how to do that or link me to another howto.
But if you mean just take the one from the fedora website, that's what I just used, hoping if I keep the name the same that's what it'll do. I just downloaded the same kernel and built it, but that's the error I get
Ow, if you get errors, send me PM. I'll correct it, note that development kernels don't work with this guide at the moment. Ncurses from updates is outdated for kernel-configuration-interface. Gimme all the errors you got
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