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Originally Posted by oshuaa

Let me start by saying this guide is really cool. The last time I tried 64bit was a huge pain so I went back to 32bit. Keep in mind this was using Suse 9.3 at the time and it came on the DVD so why not

Anyway I just thought I would mention there is some stuff on there that could really need attention. What about w32codecs? How about Realplayer? (I Personally hate it I personally use my box for regular computer stuff and watching Anime and listening to music. So in order for me to be successful in using 32bit I need to have a codec for just about every media format that linux can use.

I know that VLC can play some media formats without additional codecs needed but some it cannot and the same for Mplayer if I am correct. Oh yeah and I agree Amarok is where it's at!

This is just a couple of suggestions for the site that I personally would love to see added.

Thanks again and good luck!

Thank you guys, im really happy that you guys found the site helpful !

im planning to add the w32codecs and other tutorials soon, but now with my full time school / full time work, i really dont have that much time to work on my machine, if you guys know some tricks with 64bits please submit them to me through the site and i will be more than happy to post them there and give you the full credits for them, my plan is to help as much as i can and make the site even bigger and better
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