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Originally Posted by TerryG
At last! Please help. I have been using Fedora (tophat?) since July and have been unable to switch from English to French and back again on this French keyboard. The need is growing. Previously for several years, this was the perfect keyboard for work in both languages, before I switched to Linux. I need an applet on screen to work as a toggle and need help to find and to instal it. Other than that I really like Linux.
If you are using Gnome -- and I assume you will do ;-), yust do an right-click on a panel (one of those grey thingies in the top or bottom of your screen) and choose the 'Keyboard Indicator' (The icon are many different country-flags). Whith it jou can switch between different Keyboard layouts and even install new ones.

Hope, this helps ...

Greetings from the snow -- Bavaria will have a white Chrismas :-)