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Originally Posted by RahulSundaram
Opinions are fine if they are channeled on the right place (fedora marketing list for the logo discussions) with the detailed ideas for improvements but telling people who contribute on their personal time that they didnt invite the community while the entire discussion have been going on in public mailing lists with lots of community input and throwing out personal insults is not motivating
Rahul, I know you were responding to another poster, and I agree that personal insults are not constructive.

But trying to spin this like it was an open process in which the community was highly involved? As Greg DeK. spelled out in the marketing list discussion, he has paid a professional to do it according to Red Hat's specs, and he has signed off on the result (allowing for minor tweaks) before 99% of the "community" has even become aware that it existed.

"The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community..." Any posts to fedora-list about the logo?

The irony boggles.

It's quite clear from Greg's posts that it's a done deal and Red Hat doesn't give a flying kazoo about what anybody else says at this point. And benevolent dictatorship is necessary or nothing gets decided. But let's not even pretend like the "community" had anything to do with this logo, OK?