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Can anyone recommend a SATA/Ultra ATA controller that works with FC 3?

OK, so I have done all of my homework, and have come to realize, to my dismay, that my Promise FastTrak SATA150 TX2plus controller is not supported for FC 3

I really, really would like to get rid of Windoze once and for all But, I'm stuck with my Maxtor 250GB Ultra ATA HD, and without Linux support for it, I'm SOL.

At this point, from what I have read, Promise keeps delaying and delaying driver support for this card for some unknown reason. It seems that this card has been supplanted by newer cards in their lineup (at least by the TX4), so I have little confidence in them ever bothering to get around to finally releasing drivers for this card

SO: What I would like to know is, can anyone recommend an affordable PCI Serial ATA controller that also has a Parallel (Ultra) ATA connector on it, that is known to work with FC 3?

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