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Re: seeking help configuring macbook pro keyboard & trackpad

Wouldn't you know it... after posting I spent a few more hours searching and found some of the answers :-)

In case others might benefit from this:

For the keyboard config stuff, Gnome-3 apparently overwrites anything XkbOptions that you put into xorg.conf files, so don't bother with them. However, the ones I was looking for can be found in gnome-tweak-tool. Just "sudo yum install gnome-tweak-tool", then run it, select "Typing" on the left. For the two I was looking for...

Change "Caps Lock key behavior" to "Make Caps Lock an additional Control bu..."
Change Alt/Win key behavior to "Alt is swapped with Win".

Previous versions of Xorg would let you swap just Left-Alt with Left-Win, which is actually what I wanted, where current versions do the swapping on both side of the keyboard.

As for the trackpad, I did some of this in Settings' "Mouse and Touchpad". Specifically checking "Two finger scroll" and "Tap to click". I also select "Disable while typing"--doesn't work quite as well as Apple's native touchpad drivers, but it's better than without it. The "Content sticks to fingers" setting is what Apple refers to as "Natural Scrolling", if that's your sort of thing.

Note that there's nothing there about Drag-lock. So I found how to set that up via xorg.conf. The above things can probably also be done via xorg.conf, but I haven't bothered to figure it out. Anyhow, drag lock:

# Drag-Lock on the touchpad
Section "InputClass"
        Identifier	"finger-touchpad-draglock"
        MatchDriver	"synaptics"

	# enable drag-lock
        Option		"LockedDrags"	"on"
	Option		"LockedDragTimeout"	"3000"
Note that I put this in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I did not put that into a file in one of the xorg.conf.d directories because the Fedora system administration docs recommend leaving those directories as-is for distros to modify.
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