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Re: MATE-Desktop for fedora all current versions

i postet first a wrong installation link on Wednesday morning.
The first link was for a privat repo which includes Mate-1.4.0.
If you have used this link
revert all changes.
Pls, remove the release package 'mate-desktop-release'.
Than remove all installed packages from the dropbox repo,
and downgrade all updated packages back to fedora's version.
To revert all changes in yum use:
sudo yum history
sudo yum history info <id>
The right download link is
yum install
This repo link doesn't update any fedora package.
MDM and mdm-user-switch-applet aren't include in this repo because of changes with mare-panel-1.5 and missing patches in fedora's mate-desktop, mate-session and caja.

Big sorry for that confusion
Life is to short for boring desktops

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