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Re: Anaconda - protecting existing partitions

Hmm .... if you were able to make that clear, Adam, you'd make the entire anaconda operation so much more solid - and not just in appearance. The idea of being able to 'set' the parameters in the Installation Summary display without incurring unknown risk would be a big asset, and most especially for new linux users we all hope to attract.

This brings up related issues which I can deal with but the naysayers won't want to address. For example, the idea of using the little orange triangle to identify function sections which must be completed 'before continuing' is a fine new addition, but it can be problematic. Basically, anaconda begins by wanting the user to identify the storage scheme/partitioning before anything else, but it doesn't say this. During my first attempt I was not expecting to see this and so I immediately began with the local date/time function. That complains about having no ntp protocols available. Ok, so I would have gone to the internet connectivity section and set up the ethernet, the ntp ids and assigned the hostname. I know the latter is still a problem easily worked around, but I could not get out of the time/date section, presumably because the storage scheme had not been completed.

I'll try again tomorrow, starting with the storage first, thanks to your earlier explanation as to the degree of risk I would be exposed to.

Seems to me that it might be possible, then, to place a clear, vibrant statement atop the Installation Summary to the effect that no changes will be made until each function is acceptable to anaconda. A simple symbol in front of each function would make this instantly clear, whether a reassuring green checkmark or something like 'OK or 'SET'.

And to compliment the obviously detailed thought that has gone into this new installer release, I'd recommend consideration be given to forcing the user to actually enter each of the function sections on the Summary. In other words, the user must review each section. If he decides to accept the default in a section, (keyboard is obvious in this regard), then doing so costs but 2 strokes and the function is okayed and marked as such. This is consistent with the need to mount individual partitions we were discussing earlier.

And then, once all function sections have been at least seen, where a default is acceptable, or set, where the user has made choicves acceptable to anaconda, we arrive at the 'in your face' statement that if you really want to give effect to these changes and tell anaconda to get on with its work, click [here] and if I do that, the new parameters will definitely replace the old.

Hope that makes sense. If I can help out with this from a server admin's point of view, I'll be more than happy to, Adam.

Again, so nice to know you are still on board.

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