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Originally Posted by superbnerd
Blah blah blah...I haven't disrespected anyone yet. Plus thats off topic. I simply answered a question. I didn't mean to start another holy war with the admods, but yes, I'm back
I'd like to think that you can keep your cool round here, and I would like to see less attitude. As you may well remember we don't have to put up with anything snide from you.
Originally Posted by superbnerd
Actually I do have proof.
I would love to know what proof this is. Occasionally we don't see eye to eye with the Fedora Core team, and thats just inevitable. Its a rare occasion but it happens. But I don't think you can substantiate the claim that the FC team are not testing the packages throughly enough. I think they are. After all they're probably testing the packages to the best of their knowledge, then it gets checked by another (I know the testing process involves more than one person). This stops the vast majority of bugs.

Sods law then comes into the equation, with bugs occasionally slipping in due to human error. It's just a fact of life and to claim that the FC team as hard working as they are, are lazy and that they don't check the packages well enough is absurd. If you truly believe this then you should hone up your Linux skills, and get in on the Fedora action as a packager and help to make it different. Thats what being part of this open community is about - making a difference if you can, rather than just hurling abuse around.
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