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Re: F17 anaconda 768MB limit

It does indeed make use of the available swap space, nice feature.

I went a little crazy and did an install of ALL packages, good for a total of 2761 packages. This unfortunately failed at the very end of the installation and displayed an unhandled exception dialog when attempting to run grub2-install, and when I switched to a console I also saw some errors when it attempted to run lokkit but that wasn't displayed in the unhandled exception dialog. The error in both cases was of course 'Cannot allocate memory'.

I then went on to reinstall the system yet again (again with all packages selected), this time instead of the default 512MB swap space anaconda created I made it 1024MB and that worked.
So, 256MB of RAM + 1024MB swap space is enough to have a successful installation and a bootable system afterwards.

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