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Re: Power regression is not fixed in 3.2.7

I'll chuckle ... but not too hard. I'm no stranger to the ugly smell of escaping magic smoke myself. I once had a really sweet AMD Barton Core until I mis-mounted the heatsink and it popped and came adrift while the machine was powering up. <....>

Sadly, those early AMDs ran really nice, but they had no thermal headroom, nor any runaway thermal shutdown capability.


Nasty smell that ... but nothing compared to the blue language I splattered all over the room when I realized what had happened. Not inclined to do things by halves, it nailed both the CPU and the motherboard when it went.

But on to matters Morlock. Suffice it to say that as soon as I clicked into this thread, that little red LED on the bottom corner of my monitor (the troll alert/excessive-headspace detection indicator) immediately started flashing. He never came back and removed all doubt, so I powered down the nuke panel, but all the hallmark sign are there, so he's on a pretty short leash for now.
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