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Re: Script Collection, minimal to multimediable

Good know, whould have replied earlier, if i wouldnt have thought of this message as of spam.

Anywayy, i'm 1 step closer, but i need to rename the script collection for sevreal reasons.
One of them beeing, SC is used in another distro, the alternative is imo too egomaniac.

So the 'current' optional target name is: seasc (imo too egoistic name)
So i am looking for name suggestion for this kind of script collection.
Every idea is welcome!

Thank you in advance

Just to be sure you know it:
I ask you for a name of my scripts, which will be both, name and what you have to type to execute.
I know just a few, probably less than 5 of the forum users actualy use it, but i ask for your ideas how to name this project.
If i dont get any replies (or PM's) of name suggestion, i'll provide "seasc" as an alternative to sc.

I'm aware of this beeing a guide thread, but this concerns too much on the topic (script collection) than beeing posted somewhere else (imho).

In order to make the script collection fitting the fedora guide lines, i had to get rid of anything not beeing in the offical fedora repos.
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