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Re: Fedora's performance in All-in-One machines?

Just as another input, you need to value the info yourself.
My impression is this, running an Apple device usualy interferences with linux, but i recall to have read 1 article where everything worked well. Dont recall when or which device, as i dont use Mac.

On the other hand, i find it quiete interesting that you dont want to pay too much, but aim to buy a mac. As according to my impression you get alot better hardware for the same price just if its not a mac.. (or did i misunderstod you?)

Finalzone's suggestion is the best idea.

Another feedback, i feel like Samsung would be a better choice in a matter of linux compatiblity (in my case WiFi).
But Toshiba's a good choice in a matter of performance.

I have both device boot time (systemd-analyze) below 20 seconds. Both running apache, mysql and noip, but neither cups, sendmail nor fedora*.services as i dont have my mobile devies running neither raid nor lvm.

PS Hint: If you have the option, get SSD!
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