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Wacom Pen freezing after recent updates

I am on Fedora 16. My wacom stylus/pen freezes every once in a while. This has been a very recent development so I suspect it has to do with the recent updates. When I look at the output of "top", I see that gnome-shell is using a very high amount of RAM (~16 GB) whenever the stylus freezes.

Interestingly, the pen part of the stylus freezes and drags while the eraser part still functions. But then the eraser part has only a fraction of accuracy of the pen-end of the stylus. When I reboot the computer, the pen starts working normally but the problem starts all over again after some time. Are there any other users who are experiencing this new wacom stylus issue after recently updating Fedora 16?

A couple questions:
1. How can I identify which update or component is causing the pen to lag/freeze and how can I revert this update?
2. Why is it that the eraser part is not affected and the pen part is?
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