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Re: Dropbox installation in 16

Originally Posted by GrouchyGaijin View Post
Hi all,

I'm brand new to Fedora though I've used Ubuntu for a while. I thought I'd try Fedora to see if I like it.
One of the first things I did was install Dropbox 32 bit. It seems to be synicing but I got an error message that I needed to manually add my user account to the fstab file when Dropbox asked for my password.


1. Is this so Dropbox on my computer can connect to my account on their servers automatically when I login?
How did you install dropbox in your computer?

During installation, it should ask you to select the location of Dropbox folder - and you can choose your preference. The default would be the home folder. Also, dropbox is automatically added to startup and so will start as you login in to the OS. You can see this if you type gnome-session-properties in the terminal (assuming you are using GNOME)

Originally Posted by GrouchyGaijin View Post
2. How do I edit, I mean, what do I actually put in the fstab file?

Thank you,

I do not think this is needed. It works fine without adding anything to the fstab file.
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