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My though on F16t and a Question.

F16 is nice.. A bit different than F14 in how it handles the security.

I believe I used to have oine logical volume and had it encrypted. I could not encrypt the whole installation this time or it would have problems so I have had to protect the data most important.

My question has to do with relabeling the files after software update. I see errors in the file system and I am fumbling to try to do whatever I can.

My question is am I supposed to update SELinux policies and relabel files every software install? Or every update?

Each time I do update I find myself booting with the rescue disc,

I do have a sucessful installation at this point. I am now running a factoring effort that I hope will run for months and suceed so this system will stay up as long as it can. I do have a UPS

Anyway I am an end user mostly and I am not up on what is current to do here.

I appreciate feedback on the file system issues. I must be ignorant of something.

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