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Re: Doing a Full install to a USB Thumb Drive?

Originally Posted by kurtdriver View Post
I've had success with livecds, and I think, install disks onto USB keys. Doing it this way allows one to use the entire partition, not just the amount of persistence which maxes out at 2Gb. I assume this and the lack of LVM is what you're looking for.

I didn't know about GPT, it seems to have a built in partitioning tools. You have an installed system, yes? Can you boot it from a bootloader on another disc?

I'm downloading F16 now and will try it myself in the morning.

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Get a second hand drive, heck borrow one of mine if you're in Vancouver, and make an 8Gb partition. Hang onto that towel.

I suspect Chilly Willy was thinking that you might use dd on the iso. Supposedly you can install an iso with dd, but the one time I tried it, it didn't work.

I've installed onto USB keys many times and it's always been pretty easy. I can't imagine it should be difficult all of a sudden.
Hi kurtdriver
OK. Refreshing outlook. Yes the install went onto my 8Gig stick without complaint. All of the partitions, that I created, are there as I created them. The OS files are all installed as well. The problem is it throws a "boot error", when I choose it to boot from. I have lots of hard drives but the GPT will still stick duplicates of the Partition Tables at the end of the Physical Drive and hence it has to be one of the correct size, more or less. I may be wrong on this latter point but I know it is in some way relevant.
I would love to hear how your attempts go. Thanks a ton...
Robert :)
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