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Re: Doing a Full install to a USB Thumb Drive?

Originally Posted by Fenrin View Post

I installed F17 alpha RC2 XFCE on a 4 GB thumb drive and it boots fine. It's also without LVM, and partition filesystems are ext4.

did you check your BIOS settings?

And if it really didn't write the MBR on the thumb drive, you can probably still boot it with the bootloader of your hard disk.
Hi Fenrin
Thank you for your reply. When I looked at the USB stick under the newest Gparted (0.11.0-7) it gave me the result shown in the attached pics. The 8 gig pics are my USB stick. The 32 gig pics show a 32 gig SSD which does boot, from an External USB connected SATA Thermatake cradle. I use ext4 for the boot partition and btrfs for the slash (/) main partition.
As you can see the first partition has an issue on all the pics; but one boots the other doesn't. That is my dilemma!
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