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How to upgrade BIOS? (Toshiba Sattelite/F16)

Hello there!

While trying to resolve my problem on CPUscaling(in another thread), i thought that mabye a BIOS update
might help my problem.
But,everything stops here...

I've searched the Toshiba website,and only found something for Ubuntu,and a totally different laptop than mine.
I've altso searched here,and couldnt find anything :/

The Laptop:
Toshiba Sattelite C660D-11K (Only sold in Norway&Sweden)
Fedora 16 (custom kernel due to CPUscaling bug)

Every solution I could find,related to Windows-users,and thats no help for me :/

BIOS update guide i found for UBUNTU at the Toshiba site:

General BIOS udate guide for Windows users:

Files for this laptop at the Toshiba site:;

Is it possible to upgrade via USB og DVD/CD? Cannot find any information about this anywhere!
If so,what files do I have to put on the stick/disk?
I really hope someone can help me here.
Thanks in advace
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