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Re: Disk Utility - Why are some values absurdly high?

Originally Posted by stevea View Post
The general meaning of the SMART parameters is well documented, but a lot of noobs are misinformed. Not only are many raw parameterd vendor specific, but even ones that aren't are not always defined preciecly the same. Also different vendors include different attributes in their controllers.

I'd personally appreciate if you would divulge the disk make/model for each, but that's just my personal interest cropping up.
Well, the guy I needed to do this for has been super busy and hasn't really allowed me near his computer for much or hasn't been home. :P He doesn't want his computer down long enough to even put the drives in now for me to get the second set to test cause of work priority stuff.

Anyway, I tested one from each part of the RAID pairs doing an extended test and a read/write benchmark test (which means I had to delete all the data to do that test). Tomorrow I will put the drives back in (when the guy isn't home) and leave the utility open so he can rebuild the RAID when he goes to bed, and then I'll snag the other two to test them here soon hopefully. :P Screenshot information attached.

And here is the HDD info as well.
Disk 01
Manufacturer: Samsung
P/N: A6291-B741-A3UBS
S/N: S1VSJD2ZC04805
Firmware: 1AG01181
Model: HD103SI
LBA 1,953,525,168, 1000 GB/R54/32M

Disk 03
Manufacturer: Seagate
P/N: 9TN158-513
Firmware: CC38
Date Code: 11484
Site Code: WU
DOM: 05/2011
2000 GB

I'll read through the information you posted here later now that I will be getting a chance to work on the drives. Thank you for your response! I really appreciate it!!!
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