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I want to write "Hello Fedora Forum" in gcc with x86asm

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  char Hello[]={  /*My start offset 100*/
       0xeb,0x14, /*jmp 116*/
       0x48, /*dec ax='H'*/
       0x65, /*db 65='e'*/
       0x6c, /*db 6c='l'*/
       0x6c, /*db 6c='l'*/
       0x6f, /*db 6f='o'*/
       0x20,0x46,0x65, /*and [bp+65],al=' ''F''e'*/
       0x64, /*db 64='d'*/
       0x6f, /*db 6f='o'*/
       0x72,0x61, /*jb 016f='r''a'*/
       0x20,0x46,0x6f,/*and [bp+6f],al=' ','F''o'*/
       0x72,0x75, /*jb 0188='r''u'*/
       0x6d, /*db 6d='m'*/
       0x24,0x00, /*and al,00*/
       0xba,0x02,0x01, /*mov dx,0102*/
       0xb4,0x09, /*mov ah,09*/
       0xcd,0x21, /*int 21*/
       0x6c, /*db 6c*/
       0x69, /*db 69*/
       0x20,0x74,0x61 /*and [si+61],dh*/
  return 0;
I want to "Hello Fedora Forum" in gcc with use x86asm.Thank u for ur helps.
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