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Re: Force shut down on Fedora 16

Originally Posted by Jonn09 View Post
Hi ...... Long time Ubuntu user here and I wanted to come back and give Fedora a try again. The last time I tried using it was FC6 and for some reason F16 still feels just as buggy and unreliable as FC6 was back then. This is mainly compounded by the force shut-down I have been noticing.

It normally doesn't happen. However, when I am watching flash-videos on the browser, both chrome and FF, the laptop switches off suddenly after a while.

I believe that this is perhaps because of over heating. The laptop is pretty old (32bit), but it runs Ubuntu 10.04 with out a hitch and I see now reason why it shouldn't be able run F16. I tried googling, but nothing turned up.

Any suggestions? or Resources I can look up?

Sounds more like the dual video card problem, does that laptop have two cards?
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