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Re: Cinnamon is Mint's gnome-shell fork

Originally Posted by Clem
I'm not going to argue whether Gnome Shell is a good or a bad desktop. It's just not what we're looking for. The user experience the Gnome team is trying to create isn't the one we're interested in providing to our users. There are core features and components we absolutely need, and because they're not there in Gnome Shell, we had to add them using extensions with MGSE. The extension system in Gnome Shell is handy but core parts of a desktop need to be able to communicate with each others and be integrated properly. The Gnome development team is not interested in the features we implemented, it's opposed to adding them to Gnome Shell, and it doesn't share our vision of a desktop. In other words, our work on Gnome 3 does not influence the development of Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell isn't going in a direction that is suitable for us, and we're not interested in shipping Gnome Shell "as is", or in continuing with multiple hacks and extensions.
... Ouch.

Curious that the same updates which busted my custom themeing, also busted most of those parts I had swiped ... er ... borrowed from MINT 12.

Please tell me that all this isn't the end results of a temper tantrum. <....>
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