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Re: Announcing Ask Fedora: Community Knowledge Base and Support Forum

Originally Posted by stevea View Post
Is a linear list a good organization ?
Doesn't this overlap/detract from the FedoraForum effort ? To what good end ?
I agree. What Fedora could really use, rather than another question/answer forum, is a
wiki format knowledge base.

The change from grub to grub2 is a good example. I have read the F16 Release Notes,
Installation Guide, and the installed grub2 info docs (which are notably useless and don't
incorporate Fedora's changes to grub2), none of which clearly address the issues that
are appearing on the Fedora Forum.

Why can't Fedora provide even minimally adequate documentation for what amounts to a
major feature change in the distribution? Comparable to:

It is more than a little disheartening to have to go to other distros to find good documentation.
Misappropriation of resources, to say the very least.
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