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Re: Using yum to install older version of software (MythTV)

Originally Posted by MadHalfling View Post
Hi, I've got a MythTV 0.23 backend and I'm trying to get the frontend working on my Fedora box, but by default yum installs 0.24 which has a different database model and so won't work with a 0.23 backend. I've got the RPM for 0.23 but it has a bunch of dependencies so I need to track down the RPMS for those, too, so I was wondering if I can do this in yum? I've seen an old thread about installing a yum-allowdowngrade package but that doesn't seem to be available any more. Can I do this in yum or do I need to track down all the RPMS?
There are lots of mythtv rpms [rpmfusion, atrpms etc.] so I'm not sure which 0.23 one you are referring to?

In the mean time:


From a terminal logged in as root, change directory to where you have your RPM for 0.23

Type and enter the following

yum localinstall *.rpm

Yum will sort through and attempt to satisfying the dependencies and then ask you if you want to proceed or not.


Select N

and post the output.
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