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Re: Gnome 3 Remove Accessibility Icon From... task tray thing

Originally Posted by RahulSundaram View Post

You could edit

const STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_ORDER = ['a11y', 'display', 'keyboard', 'volume', 'network', 'battery'];

Remove keyboard.

Do note that mucking around with these files are just hacks and will get overwritten everytime there is a GNOME Shell update. Probably extensions are the better way to do it
Here is such an extension. Put the two files in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
$ cat metadata.json
   "shell-version": ["3.0"],
   "uuid": "",
   "name": "noa11y",
   "description": "Remove a11y icon/menu from panel"

$ cat extension.js
const Panel = imports.ui.panel;

function main() {
Note - no stylesheet.css is required.